They're critical to business and I'm pleased to say my rating is 4.69 on Homeadvisor.com and I'm working to add to my two A ratings on Angie's List. Some examples:

"Overall, this was a wonderful experience.The experience with this photographer was a pleasureable one. He was kind, patient and reassuring. The photographer was very professional during this process." Cassandra B.

"I get a constant stream of compliments on your photos of me that are on social media!" Rebecca R.


Once upon a time, when I started this web site, I had a pseudo haiku about my photographic intentions. I meant well, but how you feel about the images you see here and in my OneModelPlace, ModelMayhem, Flickr and 500px portfolios will now speak with more clarity, color and immediacy.


In my business bio, I lay claim to the word pioneer. I believe the many awards I've won and the impact bits of my work have had such as "This is not your father's Oldsmobile" in my 25 plus years in the ad business give me that right.


As to my photography, the camera has played second fiddle to my word processor most of my life. If I'm lucky, when I look back years from now, I'll be able to say photography was an engaging and inspiring "Plan B" that mercifully washed over me like a tidal wave and rescued me from the 9 to 5.


I am polite and professional, and I expect the same of anyone who I'm lucky enough to have in my viewfinder. The goal is to make the experience a memorable adventure that mixes fun with serious intent. I also am proud of my open studio policy which means I welcome any escort or signifigant other you wish to bring.


I'm always improvising, whether we're shooting in my home and on location if it's required or because it might bring excitement to an idea.


Credentials that may, or may not, impress you include the fact that I have been the Executive Creative Director of a few small ad agencies. In 2011, 2013, and 2016, I was honored to be among the photographers and fine art models from around the world who had been personally invited to attend Zoe Wiseman's ZoeFest photography retreat, first in Mexico, Australia and most recently in Hawaii. For more about the fest see www.figuremodels.org


Here's my email, if you would like to know more. Please click on the link below. I welcome feedback and suggestions, too: David